Artist’s statement

Now, in my mid-70s, I'm happier, I care more about other people, and I trust my instincts more than ever. This is despite the humiliations of aging, such as no longer being efficient at certain tasks, needing to be careful when walking, and, of course, the dreaded memory failures.  

All of this and more is visible in my body and the way I carry myself. Seeing myself naked is a new experience. These changes made me want to consider other women’s bodies as they live through the same transitions, so I began to photograph older women nude. In front of the camera was an obvious and essential truth: every single woman’s body was - and is - uniquely beautiful, regardless of her age.

For many aging women (myself among them), often it’s difficult to believe that their body is indeed beautiful. But looking closely at these photographs of larger than life bodies, one’s cultural prejudices about what beauty should be can begin to reformulate. The camera describes each woman’s humanity in such detail that her beauty becomes visible and accessible. Such bodies force a reinterpretation of our narrow cultural definition of what is truly beautiful.

Faces are not photographed and backgrounds are removed from the photographs to reveal each woman’s life story solely through her body - her posture, muscle, and flesh. What the photographs portray is a crucial part of the human story.

DSC09242 shira pic of nh.jpg