a collaboration with Shira Yudkoff

Belongings began by accident. While hanging photographs from Torn. Crushed. Ripped. Beautiful. Shira Yudkoff (a photographer who was then working with me), and I started reminiscing about our mothers and grandmothers. Our memories often revolved around physical objects. We started collecting and photographing dated clothes, bedding, handbags and underwear. Photographing ordinary materials gave us insight into how a woman’s self image and relationship to aging is tied to her belongings.
Our technique was flexible. We used clothing and objects to make installations, that were sometimes photographed. We framed objects or just hung them on the wall. The photographs ranged from giant to paper doll size. There were also life size prints to be easily confused with the original clothing or object. The mix was an unpredictable combination stemming from appreciation and humor.